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Your technical partner for any problem... We are developing Web and Mobile Applications with high quality and passion for the detail. Our main expertise is in modern technologies like Angular.JS and native Apps. Together with our mother company in Germany we are providing services for DAX and other european enterprise customers.

About us

Your technical solution for any problem...

Our services
Web application development
We develop responsive, secure web applications with great design and well maintained code. We use Angular.JS or React.JS in combination with server-side rendering to create snappy apps which are indexable by search engines.
Smart integrations
Need to boost sales of your software product or add functionality? Integrating with well known brands will give you more credibility, users and instant features to your product. We can help you to find best partnerships in your field and integrate with calendars, booking, accounting, payment systems, Zapier, Slack and much more...
Mobile, desktop, hybrid apps
Need a step from web to mobile and desktop app stores? Does your web application need to have native capabilities like access to camera, geolocation or file storage? We use Cordova, Ionic, Atom an React Native to create apps running on any mobile and desktop platform.
APIs, mobile backend
Either it's a small api service for your mobile app, search engine with millions of items or any other complex backend service which needs to be scalable and cost effective, we are UP for the task.
Prototypes and MVPs for your startup
We understand startups need to validate their ideas and change direction fast. With rapid application development frameworks and strategies we can deliver prototypes and MVPs in time to keep pace with startup dynamics.
Process automation
When your app is being built we can help you with setting up source control, CI, task tracking systems, managing dynamic dev, test, staging and production environments. When you need to grow, we can help you with scaling, app monitoring, logging and managing your AWS and other cloud provider accounts.
Our technologies
Updated everyday
The .NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows.

The Framework is extensive, modular, powerful, very well documented and very easy to use.

It allows the use of multiple languages, interfaces easily with Windows or Microsoft and offers seemless language integration.
Node.js is the fastest growing open source platform in the world.

Node.js allows to manage high loads, which makes it very suitable to handle peak season.

Customer Experience:
Node.js allows to manage very complex API layers and to offer a seamless experience.

developers love using Node.js, and this reflects directly on productivity and job satisfaction.

We know that the world is now ‘mobile-first’ and that’s why we’re ahead of the game on the creation of mobile phone apps.

We use Xamarin, a new and exciting approach to application development, writing code that works on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

We offer a complete service from consultation, UI, UX, backend, and testing.

We will also help existing teams to ‘Get Codified’ with their development.
Angular.js is one of the most popular frameworks out there for single page applications.

This Google maintained, open source project helps us simplify the development process for our web apps. It’s MVC architecture and two-way data binding allow us to rapidly prototype applications and the reduced complexity of the code makes testing a breeze.

It helps us keep our code clean and well documented with integrated unit testing and this lets us create rock solid, bug free code.

Most Smartphones in the World are using any kind of Android operating system. As Gen Y mobile geeks we are developing not only for iOS but also for Android Smartphones from the beginning. We are experts in native Android development are focussing on adaptive mobile layouts and are keeping an eye on the user experience. Not only the functional requirements are important, but also the feeling of the user on his platform. Together with UX and UI experts we are providing working prototypes for our customers in order to 'feel' the UI before implementing it.
React is regarded as the premier way to build big, fast Web apps with JavaScript.

High ROI:
React's component-based approach ensures high code reusability, improving the overall productivity of the development team.

Low TCO:
with its move into native application development, smaller development teams are now able to deliver from back to front and to end-user devices.

React Native is a new mobile development tool from Facebook.

Our Team started developing iOS Apps in 2010 since the beginning of the iPad boom. Since then we not only moved forward from iPhoneOS 3.2 to iOS 10 but also from iPad to iPhone, Apple Watch and AppleTV. Current iOS Apps are only being developed using Swift 3 instead of Objective-C. To impress users is getting more and more difficult, so the UI and UX part of a development process is key. Together with designers that are Apple-addicted we are working on impressive Apps to convince the users.
Our approach

Meet our team, work with us

Webcocina is an agile, flexible and passionate group of developers.

We aspire to bring you the most up-to-date technology, with the minimal hassle possible. We take a hands on approach in our work, engaging directly with you in every stage of the development process.

We take ownership of the delivery of the project or we can integrate at critical points with your team according to your needs. Our goal is never to just deliver but always to also upskill your whole team.

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